30th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival!

Be sure to come to the 30th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival! Get close to some of today’s most relevant directors and actors. Jennifer Aniston and Eddie Redmayne were honored last week. Don’t miss out as Steve Carell, Michael Keaton, Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke are awarded in grand fashion at this historic celebration of film. #SBIFF #SantaBarbara

I ♥ Santa Barbara Farmers Market!

One of my favorite things about Santa Barbara is that there is a farmers market almost every day of the week (I think except Mondays). I’ve made it a practice of visiting the downtown farmers market every Tuesday evening, Montecito farmers market every Friday morning, and another downtown market on Saturday mornings. Nothing beats the fresh local produce you find at the markets – you know where your food is coming from. And I love the idea of eating local and supporting the local farmers. It’s also great people watching at the farmers market.

Epicurious in Santa Barbara

Want to eat, drink, and merrymake like a Santa Barbara local? Then check out epicure.sb! Here’s the gist of what they’re about:

To us here in Santa Barbara and the surrounding communities of Goleta, Carpinteria, Summerland and Montecito, October is the time when we come together to commemorate the bounty that 300+ days of sun every year brings, including fruitful fields, loyal vines, sustainable seas, happy people and laidback autumn traditions. It’s epicure.sb—a celebration of cuisine, libations and culture—or, as some have come to call it, a month to savor Santa Barbara. Now in its fourth year, epicure.sb has grown into a community-wide extravaganza when our crop of exceptional artistic and culinary talent converge for 31 days.

Let it Snow…in Santa Barbara??

Yes…it does snow in Santa Barbara, on rare occassions. But usually a couple days each year, Santa Barbara sees snow up in the mountains off San Marcos Pass. For a place where the weather is always perfectly mild, sometimes the SB residents want to experience some seasons. But it only takes an hour to get it out of their system. Case in point: my friend Mark woke up one morning and surfed a dreamy, sunny session. He then took his dog up to the mountains to play in the snow and make a snowman.
He decided the snowman should see the beach. Here is the snowman; sunbathing…