What Would Warren Buffet Do? Load Up on Single Family Homes

In an interview on CNBC this morning, Warren Buffett took his usual stance of buying equities as an attractive investment right now. But what we don’t usually hear from Buffett (or anyone these days, really…) is his advocacy for buying single family homes as an attractive asset class. Buffett said about single family homes, “…I would load up on them and I would take mortgages out at very low rates.” His reason for not actually doing so is that it would be difficult to manage a couple hundred thousand single family homes. But his advice for young investors thinking of investing in stocks or buying a first home: “If I knew where I wanted to live the next five or ten years, I would buy a home and finance it with a 30-year mortgage. It’s a terrific deal.”

Watch from 5:08 – 6:45. Actually, the whole thing is good if you have 20 min.

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