Samarkand is land of heart’s desire
Samarkand was one of those areas I used to always drive around, and never knew what it was called. All I knew was that it was a neighborhood across from the Municipal Golf Course, and above the Trader Joes. Once I discovered Samarkand, I found out how neat the neighborhood is! One of the first things I learned about Samrkand was that in the 1970s, all the utilities were brought underground. So you’ll notice when driving or walking around – there are no power lines overhead. Samarkand is the only neighborhood of Santa Barbara that enjoys this perk. There is also a Lawn Bowls Club that overlooks Mackenzie Park. As I mentioned before, there is shopping nearby, with Trader Joes and Ralphs, and local favorites like Edomasa Sushi, and Taffy’ss Pizza. Cottage Hospital is also located just below Samarkand, which is a comforting feature for many. A good mix in the neighborhood of older 1930s homes, and newly remodeled homes. And I recently learned that the ancient Persian translation of Samarkand is “the land of the heart’s desire.” So don’t make the same mistake I did in overlooking this neighborhood – it’s definitely worth a look.

Samakand Homes